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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Victory! Same-Sex Couples and Their Families Will Be Protected From Domestic Violence Under Family Court Access Law

via Empire State Pride Agenda

The New York State Legislature has just unanimously passed a bill that allows domestic partners – including same-sex couples – access to the protections granted by Family Court. The bill is now expected to be signed into law by Governor Paterson, and as soon as it is, it will enable Family Court to give civil orders of protection to all victims of domestic violence, including unmarried committed couples and those in dating relationships.

This victory means that same-sex partners who were previously blocked from the Family Court because they didn’t have the ability to get married will now have equal access to protection from domestic violence.

Until now, New York has been one of the last states in the nation to protect same-sex couples against domestic violence. The Family Court access bill (S.8665/A.11707) gives access to important domestic violence protections, without a person having to initiate criminal court proceedings. These protections can involve, among other things, removing an abuser from the home and the use of social services to address the situation.

This long-overdue law has been in the works for two decades and has been passed by the Assembly by wide, bipartisan votes for many years, but this marks the first time that it has ever reached a floor vote in the Senate.

Now it's time to thank your Senator and Assemblymember for passing the Family Court access bill. To find your Senator and Assemblymember, click here. Call them and tell them thank you for supporting S.8665 / A.11701 and extending protections to all New Yorkers – including same-sex couples - against domestic violence.

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Gay kiss unnerves U.K. mayonnaise eaters

WELL! We all think that this is the cutest ad in a long time.

It seems that Heinz got 202 complaints about the fact that the spot features two kids leaving for school and two men kissing (!!!!). You should note that the kiss happened after the kids left the room for school.

You watch it and tell us what YOU think!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Activism is more than a word

In honor of LGBT Pride Month- a look at activism in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community around the world. Created for Fight OUT Loud.

Category: Nonprofits & Activism
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Pressure Mounting On NJ Lawmakers To Legalize Gay Marriage

by Newscenter Staff
Posted: June 20, 2008 - 11:00 am ET

(Trenton, New Jersey) LGBT rights activists are stepping up their pressure on New Jersey lawmakers to take up legislation that would convert the state's civil unions law to provide for marriage.

The decision by the California Supreme Court to allow same-sex marriage has helped in the fight and a study released Friday will likely add to the argument that allowing gays and lesbians to marry is not only a matter of equal rights but also is good business.

The study, released by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law examined the potential economic gains that same-sex couples' weddings would bring to New Jersey.
Presently California stands as the sole recipient of the same-sex tourism and wedding windfall because, unlike Massachusetts which limits marriage licenses only to people from areas where the marriages would be legal, California has opened the marriage gate to same-sex couples from across the country.

If New Jersey extended marriage to same-sex couples it could share in that windfall, the Williams Institute study said. The New Jersey wedding industry will receive a substantial $248 million boost in direct spending by same-sex couples over the next three years, the study said.
It predicts that, based on the experience of Massachusetts, half of New Jerseys 21,178 same-sex couples will want to marry, leading to 10,589 weddings. Another 45,831 out-of-state couples are likely to travel to New Jersey to marry.

This economic lift will also likely generate over 800 new jobs in the state the study found.
"In a tough economic climate, marriage can directly benefit the New Jersey budget in a direct, tangible, and substantial way," said economist M.V. Lee Badgett, co-author of the study and research director of The Williams Institute.

Weddings by same-sex couples in New Jersey will have a positive impact on the state budget of over $96 million within the next three years, the report found...

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Butte County halts marriages because of budget constraints (CA)

via The Gay & Lesbian Times

OROVILLE, Calif. (AP) – Couples can no longer tie the knot at the clerk’s office in Butte County.
Butte County Clerk Candace Grubbs says the county can’t afford to continue performing wedding ceremonies. About 200 couples a year marry at the clerk’s office.

Grubbs said her decision has nothing to do with the California Supreme Court’s ruling last month legalizing gay marriage. The state has directed county clerks to start using new gender-neutral marriage licenses once the ruling becomes final at 5 p.m. on June 16.

That prompted clerks in Kern and Merced counties to announce they will no longer preside over any wedding ceremonies.

Grubbs says Butte County will continue to issue marriage licenses, but will not perform ceremonies.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One of our Happy Couples!!!!

One of our happy wedding topper couples has been getting a lot of media attention this week!
They were the first couple to be wed in San Diego!!

Congratulations Bob and Tom!!

With only a few days to assure that the toppers made it in time for the event, One of Bob's relatives called in a panic... concerned that they wouldn't get there in time. She had two pairs of our marvelous Renellie Cake Toppers shipped to them, which we processed, picked and shipped that same day. One for another couple getting married that day.

Proudly representing Renellie Cake Top Figurines for nearly two years, we were thrilled to make it happen! In fact, they arrived a day or two EARLY!

We figure the customer was happy too! She sent this in an e-mail:

"I would just like to tell you how wonderful your representative Marcinho at your
New Jersey office is. He was so helpful and so positive. I had a very stressful task of getting 4 cake toppers for a wedding 3 business days away (they just started planning a week ago), and Marcinho helped me guarantee that the crucial cake toppers order went through on the very same day. I cannot rave enough about the lovely personality and fast, efficient skills of this representative. He deserves a raise!

Yours in San Diego,
Erin Lehman"
Thanks Erin!! Glad to be able to help out!

Congratulations gentlemen! Thank you for your order, your courage, your pride and your example. May you have a marvelous MARRIED life together!

You can read about this wonderful couple:

Military's policy stays unchanged
'Don't ask, don't tell' doesn't allow nuptials

By Steve Liewer STAFF WRITER; San Diego Uion-Tribune
Photo Credit: NANCEE E. LEWIS / Union-Tribune

At 7 a.m. today, former Marine Bob Lehman and Tom Felkner will be among the first gay couples to exchange vows at the downtown county building, cementing their 15-year relationship with the bonds of marriage.

Tom Felkner (left) and former Marine Bob Lehman plan to exchange vows today.Tonight, they'll dance and eat wedding cake at a club in Hillcrest with hundreds of friends and family members. Among the guests will be an active-duty Navy corpsman and Iraq war veteran whom Lehman and Felkner consider a close friend.

There's little chance the corpsman will marry his partner, who also is in the military, any time soon because of the government's policy barring gay and lesbian service members from serving openly.

For now, “don't ask, don't tell” trumps “I do.”

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Gay marriage could add $500M to NJ economy, panel told

by Robert Schwaneberg/The Star-Ledger
Wednesday June 18, 2008, 3:37 PM

New Jersey could boost its economy by more than half a billion dollars over the next three years by promptly legalizing same-sex marriage, a California law professor told a state commission today. Brad Sears, executive director of the Williams Institiute at UCLA School of Law, said gay weddings alone would pump $248 million into New Jersey's economy under a "very conservative" economic analysis. He said additional spending on gifts, overnight hotel stays by visiting friends and other items could boost the total to "a half billion dollars plus" over the next three years.

Sears testified before the New Jersey Civil Union Review Commission, which is exploring the economic impact of legalizing gay marriage. He said that by legalizing only civil unions for same-sex couples, New Jersey had incurred "all the costs without getting the main benefit" -- spending on wedding celebrations.

Last year the New York City Comptroller's Office calculated that allowing gays to marry would boost that city's economy by $142 million in the three years following legalization. That analysis found gay marriage would cost New York City employers $33 million in health insurance premiums for same-sex spouses, but that would be more than offset by spending on weddings.

It calculated those weddings -- many among same-sex couples from New Jersey and other states traveling to the Empire State to wed, would pump $175 million into New York City's economy. John Tomicki, chairman of the N.J. Coalition to preserve and protect marriage, said that argument could justify polygamy.

"To take that reasoning further you should be able to marry 10 people at a time and that would cause even larger receptions," Tomicki said. "The logic is rather silly."

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Monday, June 16, 2008


Same-sex weddings start with union of elderly San Francisco couple
Marisa Lagos, Rachel Gordon, Chris Heredia,Jill Tucker, Chronicle Staff Writers
Monday, June 16, 2008

(06-16) 18:33 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- Cheers filled San Francisco's City Hall shortly after 5 p.m. as longtime lesbian activists Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, partners for more than 50 years, began their second wedding - and their first legal
Photo by Noah Berger, special to the Chronicle

Mayor Gavin Newsom, who officiated the ceremony in the reception area of his office, said it was a fitting way to memorialize last month's state Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in California, which took effect at 5:01 p.m.

Lyon, 83, and Martin, 87, were the first couple married four years ago when Newsom told the county clerk's office to start offering marriage certificates to same-sex couples. Eventually more than 4,000 same-sex couples were married in San Francisco that year, but those unions were later nullified by the court. Today, the couple, and dozens of others, had their first chance to make their unions truly legal.

In at least five counties around the state, other couples were pronounced "spouses for life" once the clock chimed 5.

Continue at the (source)

Editor's Note: Congratulations from our CEO, MW Savant-

"Congratulations ladies!!! From your work in creating and leading Daughters of Billitis , to your marriage the first time that February... we offer you our most sincere thanks and gratitude for every step you urged, each life you've touched, every person you've inspired and every difference you've made for the entire GLBT community! Thank you for what you have done for marriage equality and for all you do and have done for the GLBTI-family! May you have many happy times as a legally married couple! Congratulations!!!!!!!


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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Reader questions and answers on gay marriage (California)

By Rong-Gong Lin II, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

With gay marriage set to begin in California on Monday, The Times is answering readers' questions on the subject. You can submit questions at Check out full coverage of the debate about the gay marriage issue at
Also available: The Times' gay marriage page on Facebook.

Here is a sampling of questions:
What will civil marriage commissioners say when giving the wedding vows? Here's the wording recommendation from the County Clerks Assn. of California: "By virtue of the authority vested in me, as a Deputy Commissioner of Marriages for the County of XXX, I now pronounce this couple united in marriage under the laws of the state of California.

"My partner and I had a civil union in Vermont. Can we get married in California now?Yes. If you are unmarried, you may get married in California.

Where can I apply for a marriage license?Both would-be spouses must appear in person at a county clerk's office with photo identification and cash, check, or money order to pay for the license fees and, if desired, a ceremony.

Here's the process for counties in Southern California:

Los Angeles County: No appointment is needed to apply for a marriage license. Wedding ceremonies at the county clerk's office in Norwalk are on a first come, first served basis only on Tuesday and June 21; appointments are required at all other times and locations. It costs $70 for the license and $25 for the ceremony. Starting on Monday at 5 p.m., applicants can begin to fill out the application online, but must come into a clerk's office to receive the license.

Orange County: Appointments are accepted but not required. The license costs $61.50, and the ceremony $28; debit cards are also accepted. Those who start their application online before arriving at the clerk's office are given priority.

Ventura County: Appointments recommended but walk-ins are allowed. The license costs $97, the ceremony $45, and the certificate, once the wedding is completed, is $13. You may start the marriage application here and go to the right-hand corner, and click on the "marriage application" tab.

(Continue for other counties)

Times staff writer Jean-Paul Renaud contributed to this report.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Daughter of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Comes Out

by Laura Kiritsy, Editor-in-chief Thursday Jun 12, 2008

Editor’s Note: This is the first time that Katherine Patrick has spoken to the media about being an out lesbian and the support she has received from her parents, Gov. Deval Patrick and First Lady Diane Patrick.

Photo: Marilyn Humphries

On June 14, 2007, the day that lawmakers finally voted down an anti-gay marriage amendment to the state constitution, Katherine Patrick stood outside the State House and looked up at her father.

Gov. Deval Patrick was standing on the front steps, surrounded by a jubilant crowd of hundreds that mobbed the brick sidewalk and spilled halfway across Beacon Street. As they cheered the defeat of the amendment - an effort led by the governor, Senate President Therese Murray and House Speaker Sal DiMasi - Katherine had never before felt more proud of her father.

"Because, of course, he didn’t know that I was gay then," the 18-year-old recalls. "So, for someone so publicly to fight for something that doesn’t even affect him was just like, ’That’s my dad,’ you know?" she says with a laugh.

"That’s all I could think. I was very, very proud to be part of this family, and this state in general.""It was great. I’m very glad," she adds, looking at her father. "Don’t cry, Dad." Patrick’s eyes are brimming with tears, prompting some good-natured teasing from his daughter. "He’s done some good things," she says with a laugh, patting his arm. "I appreciate it. Want a tissue? Oh, God. He’s a crier."

Continue at (source)

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Group asks Calif. court to ban gay marriage

3 hours ago

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A conservative Christian legal group on Thursday made a last-ditch effort to stop gay marriage from becoming legal in California by asking a midlevel appeals court to temporarily prohibit county clerks from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
The Virginia-based Liberty Counsel, in a petition with the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco, argued that the wording of the California Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriages allows the lower court to set the terms and schedule for implementing the decision.
Liberty Counsel argued that the high court's May 15 ruling put dozens of state laws addressing marriage into conflict and that the Legislature needs time to address those issues.
Barring any further legal intervention, gay couples will be able to start marrying in California at 5:01 p.m. Monday, when the Supreme Court's decision becomes final. The ruling to legalize gay marriage overturned a decision by the Court of Appeal, which is therefore required to issue an order consistent with the high court's 4-3 opinion.
San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera called Liberty Counsel's filing "absurd."
"I am not aware of a process in American law that enables parties to effectively appeal a higher court ruling to a lower court," Herrera said.

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His 'n' his, hers 'n' hers -- state gears up for same-sex marriages

L.A. Now
Southern California -- this just in
LA Times Blog
by Veronique de Turenne & Jesus Sanchez
June 12, 2008

Tuesday's the big day, when same-sex couples can legally wed in California. But not so fast -- procedures vary depending on where you live, with some counties (the O.C.) granting appointments to get a license, while others (Kern and possibly Butte) are suspending marriage ceremonies altogether. Jean-Paul Renaud has the details:

The first, busy days that same-sex couples will be allowed to wed in California promise to be chaotic and confusing, as counties throughout the state are coming up with widely varying procedures for implementing the (state) Supreme Court's order lifting the ban on gay marriage.

(continue at source for all the details)

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Update on Marriage Recognition in New York

by Empire State Pride Agenda
Thu, 12 Jun 2008 19:46:59 GMT

"A lot of questions have arisen in the past two weeks since the news broke about Governor Paterson writing to state agencies about respecting the legal out-of-state marriages of same-sex couples. Like many others in New York , you might have questions about what this action means for you.

The two biggest questions that we’ve been hearing since Gov. Paterson released his advisory memo are:
1. Is it time to be thinking about going to California or Canada to get married?
2. Does this mean my employer has to recognize my out-of-state marriage now?

There aren’t blanket answers to these questions that will work for everyone. However, in order to help make understanding these issues easier, the Pride Agenda has created a resource page on our website.

Use this resource for information about marriage for same-sex couples in New York , including:
3. Why lawsuits aren’t the best way to win marriage equality
4. A summary of recent developments for recognizing out-of-state marriages in New York.

5. How Gov. Paterson’s actions might apply to the 1324 state rights and responsibilities that come with a marriage license?

6. What you can do moving forward to help win full marriage equality in New York State .

We hope this resource will add some clarification on these exciting new developments. Stay tuned for more updates from us as we continue to learn more about this—and as we keep working to make sure that a marriage equality bill is passed in Albany."

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Norway legalises gay marriage

Norway legalises gay marriage
By Tony Grew • June 11, 2008 - 19:12

Members of Parliament in Norway today approved a bill that will allow same-sex couples to marry.

The new law, which passed by 84 votes to 41, will make marriage gender neutral.

The Scandinavian country already allows gay and lesbian couples to enter into civil partnerships, but LGBT rights groups had long complained the law does not go far enough.
In 2004 a similar law, which proposed to abolish the system of civil partnerships and replace it with one single gender neutral marriage law for all citizens, was rejected by the Norwegian parliament.

The new legislation, while not full equal marriage, amends the definition of civil marriage in Norway to make it gender neutral.

It will replace a 1993 law that gives gays the right to enter civil unions similar to marriage, but refuses them the right to church weddings or to be considered as adoptive parents.
As well as more equal partnership rights, it would expand the provision of parenting rights.
Family Issues minister Anniken Huitfeldt, introducing the bill in March, called it "an historic step towards equality." (source)


Friday, June 06, 2008

A California county clerk says she'll stop performing all marriage ceremonies

Report: Calif. clerk to refuse all marriages
4 hours ago: The AP

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (AP) — A California county clerk says she'll stop performing all marriage ceremonies shortly before a state Supreme Court order legalizing same-sex marriage takes effect.

A newspaper says the move came after the clerk received advice from Kern County lawyers who said marriages cannot be performed in a discriminatory fashion.

The Bakersfield Californian says Clerk Ann Barnett said Wednesday she would not have the staff or space to deal with an increase in licenses and ceremonies. She plans to stop all ceremonies starting June 13 — three days before gay couples may legally wed.

The newspaper reports she asked county counsel to file a brief with the California Supreme Court opposing implementation of its May 15 ruling allowing gay marriage.

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Equality California's Geoff Kors Announces Wedding Registry!

From EQ CA:

EQCA Wedding Registry

"Get the gift money can’t buy: marriage for a lifetime.

For the first time beginning June 17, same-gender couples across California will legally exchange wedding vows. But right-wing groups aim to take it all away.

An initiative will be on the November ballot, which would take away this fundamental freedom to marry from same-gender couples. The divisive measure is funded by right-wing groups, including many from out of state.

That’s why your wedding gift donation is priceless. It supports Equality California’s Marriage PAC, which is working to ensure that all loving and committed couples in California forever have the freedom to marry. We will defeat the November ballot initiative. But to do so, we need your support."

Register your wedding but, in lieu of gifts, ask your friends and family to donate to stop the amendment.

Services for Weddings:
Many generous companies will donate a portion of their proceeds to fight the amendment when you use their services.

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Q: I don’t live in California, but I heard what the court did there and I'm thinking about traveling to get married there because I can’t get married in my state. Anything I should consider first?

A: Getting legally married can be a joyous event, but because of the unequal treatment of our relationships in most states, there are ramifications to consider. First, we strongly recommend that you consider whether getting married might create serious problems for you.

Take a look at Lambda Legal’s FAQ Traveling to Another State or Country to Marry? In it, we give background on problems if you or your partner is in the military, on an immigration visa, receiving public assistance or planning to adopt a child. We also review other considerations, like what you’ll face upon returning to your home state.
If you’re married, you’ll have to declare it truthfully on applications and forms for jobs, apartments, credit, mortgages, insurance, medical treatment and perhaps state or federal tax returns.
"And we urge you not to get married with the idea that you’ll fight any resulting discrimination with a lawsuit. A premature legal battle could hurt us all rather than help. Also, our opponents are working to change California’s constitution in response to the court’s decision. If they manage to succeed, some may try to use the constitutional change to say that your marriage is invalid."
Visit Lambda Legal’s marriage-specific resources, including the Protecting Same-Sex Relationships resource page and FAQ above, which specifically discusses the pros and cons of getting married in another state or country.

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Gay couples can get marriage licenses at 5:01 p.m. June 16

By Linda Goldston
Mercury News

It's official: Some gay marriage licenses in California will be issued at 5:01 p.m. on June 16 and not a day later, as originally thought. But not in Santa Clara County.

"It's a little difficult when you have to undo everything," said Regina Alcomendras, Santa Clara County Clerk-Recorder. "We'll stick with the plan we have."

Alcomendras said her office will open at 8:30 a.m. June 17 and urged couples planning to take out licenses to make appointments if they plan to marry that day as well.

"We'll take walk-ins but when there are no available rooms for the ceremony, they'll have to wait," she said.

The California Supreme Court's June 4th order legalizing same sex marriage becomes final at 5 p.m. June 16. Clerks and city and county officials had believed licenses could not be issued until the following morning.

But in a clarification notice on Thursday, the California Department of Public Health's Office of Vital Records told county clerks and recorders they could begin using the new state marriage license forms at 5:01 p.m. June 16. The new forms designate "Party A" and "Party B" instead of "bride" and "groom."

'If the courts take additional action, we will provide further guidance to the counties as needed,' the notice stated. But, the notice said, county clerk's offices are not required to stay open beyond normal business hours. Alcomendras said her office has been training for the upcoming nuptials. She said she has deputies who will be able to perform the civil wedding ceremonies.

San Francisco officials said Thursday they will keep their clerk's office open and begin issuing licenses at 5:01 p.m. June 16. Mayor Gavin Newsom had been pressing the state to allow San Francisco to issue their first same-sex licenses at 5:01 p.m. June 16.

Information and Documents Regarding California Marriage Licenses (State of California)

Sample License and Certificate of Marriage and instructions

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Legal effects of marriage for same-sex couples (CA)

Kathleen Pender, SF GATE

What legal and financial changes will same-sex couples face if they get married in California?
For couples who have registered as domestic partners with the secretary of state, almost none. "If they are already registered - and we're not talking about the emotional, social or political impact - getting married doesn't really make much difference," says San Francisco tax attorney Jean Johnston.

For same-sex couples who have not registered, a walk down the aisle - or the steps of city hall - will bring profound changes that should not be ignored in the rush to get hitched before California voters decide the future of gay marriage in November.

Since 2005, same-sex couples in California have been able to register as domestic partners with the state and thereby gain virtually all of the same rights and responsibilities as married couples under state law - but none of the rights or responsibilities of married couples under federal law.


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California Same-sex marriage FAQ

-Mary Anne Ostrom, Mercury News

Here are some frequently asked questions about same-sex marriages, which are scheduled to begin in California later this month.

Click here to go to them!

MORE: California Marriage License, Registration and Ceremony Information

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Gay couples can set the date

By Howard Mintz and Mary Anne Ostrom Mercury News

The wait is over for everyone from wedding planners to local clerks - and thousands of gay and lesbian couples across California.

The California Supreme Court on Wednesday removed any lingering legal doubts about whether same-sex couples can marry in California beginning June 17, setting the stage for a rush of gay nuptials that morning.

Kristin and Jean Rivers, who'd planned to marry at a San Jose church June 18, have been wondering for weeks whether the court would spoil their big day.

"I've been riding a roller coaster," said Kristin Rivers, a schoolteacher. "Two weeks before I'm supposed to get married, I find out I can get married. On one hand, I'm totally relieved. On the other hand, I'm kind of freaking out."

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Gay couples in West Hollywood vow to save marriage rights

By LAURA E. DAVIS Associated Press Writer, via
Article Launched: 06/05/2008 01:49:25 AM PDT

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Just weeks after winning the right to marry, dozens of same-sex couples took part in a symbolic commitment ceremony in West Hollywood.

But Wednesday night's event wasn't just a celebration of love and a court victory. It also was a vow to keep fighting, because a ballot measure in November could take away what was won.
"I take nothing for granted," said Sonora Chase, 35, who participated in the event with her partner Dasha Snyder, 37. The couple plans to marry in the coming months, but say they are proceeding knowing their union could be invalidated if the measure passes.

This was a third year in a row that The Abbey, a popular lounge, kicked off Gay Pride month in Los Angeles with such a ceremony.

Faded pink rose petals sprinkled the white carpet as a guitarist performed Pachelbel's "Canon in D." The crowd of family and friends gathered in support as their loved ones stood in front of the mayor of West Hollywood to take a vow.

"Your joined hands are outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual bond," Mayor Jeffrey Prang said, "signifying to all your commitment to each other and your commitment in vowing to vote and protect your right to love." [SOURCE]

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California Supreme Court refuses to delay gay marriage

The ruling, on a 4-3 vote, means same-sex couples could tie the knot later this month.

By Maura Dolan and Jessica Garrison, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers June 5, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO -- Gay couples in California rushed to set wedding dates Wednesday after the California Supreme Court's unusually quick rejection of challenges to its historic decision permitting same-sex couples to wed.By rejecting petitions asking for reconsideration of the May 15 ruling, the court, in a 4-3 vote, removed the final obstacle to same-sex marriages starting June 17.

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