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Friday, June 06, 2008



Q: I don’t live in California, but I heard what the court did there and I'm thinking about traveling to get married there because I can’t get married in my state. Anything I should consider first?

A: Getting legally married can be a joyous event, but because of the unequal treatment of our relationships in most states, there are ramifications to consider. First, we strongly recommend that you consider whether getting married might create serious problems for you.

Take a look at Lambda Legal’s FAQ Traveling to Another State or Country to Marry? In it, we give background on problems if you or your partner is in the military, on an immigration visa, receiving public assistance or planning to adopt a child. We also review other considerations, like what you’ll face upon returning to your home state.
If you’re married, you’ll have to declare it truthfully on applications and forms for jobs, apartments, credit, mortgages, insurance, medical treatment and perhaps state or federal tax returns.
"And we urge you not to get married with the idea that you’ll fight any resulting discrimination with a lawsuit. A premature legal battle could hurt us all rather than help. Also, our opponents are working to change California’s constitution in response to the court’s decision. If they manage to succeed, some may try to use the constitutional change to say that your marriage is invalid."
Visit Lambda Legal’s marriage-specific resources, including the Protecting Same-Sex Relationships resource page and FAQ above, which specifically discusses the pros and cons of getting married in another state or country.

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