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Friday, September 29, 2006

Schwarzenegger Signs Gwen Araujo Bill, Limits 'Gay Panic' Defense

09.29.06 By Troy Espera,

A California bill which limits the use of the 'gay panic' defense was signed into law today by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, rendering the controversial strategy ineffective in justifying brutal crimes based on the victim's race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or other protected status.

Authored by State Assemblywoman Sally Lieber (D-San Jose), A.B. 1160, also known as the Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act, addresses the use of the so-called 'gay panic' defense by criminal defendants in murder cases. Continue?

Judge: Gay R.I. Couple Can Wed in Mass.

BOSTON — A gay couple from Rhode Island has the right to marry in Massachusetts because laws in their home state do not expressly prohibit same-sex marriage, a judge ruled Friday.

Wendy Becker and Mary Norton of Providence argued that a 1913 law that forbids out-of-state residents from marrying in Massachusetts if their marriage would not be permitted in their home state did not apply to them because Rhode Island does not specifically ban gay marriage. Superior Court Judge Thomas Connolly agreed.

Mary Norton (left) and Wendy Backer of Providence want to marry
in Massachusetts. (Cyrus Moghtader for the Boston Globe)

"No evidence was introduced before this court of a constitutional amendment, statute, or controlling appellate decision from Rhode Island that explicitly deems void or otherwise expressly forbids same-sex marriage,"he ruled.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

McGreevey's Tell-All Book Becomes Best-Seller

A steamy memoir by former New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey, who left office amid a gay sex scandal, has become a best-seller on two lists. Released Sept. 19, "The Confession" will be ranked No. 3 in nonfiction hardcover sales in The New York Times book review in the Oct. 8 issue, the newspaper said. The review does not disclose sales figures.

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Musgrave: Gay Marriage ‘Is The Most Important Issue That We Face Today’

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), the lead sponsor of the constitutional ban on gay marriage in the House, spoke this weekend at the Family Research Council’s “Values Voter Summit.” (Other virulently anti-gay speakers were featured at the event.)

Musgrave declared that gay marriage “is the most important issue that we face today.” She told the audience that “when you’re in a cultural war like this, you have to respond with equal and hopefully greater force if you want to win,” and warned that the “future is grim” if gay marriage is not banned.

Watch the statement via Think Progress ?
Brawl Erupts During Patrons' Same-Sex Marriage Discussion
Police Have Made No Arrests

A violent brawl broke out on Tuesday during a discussion in a Wauwatosa restaurant over the proposed same-sex marriage referendum, and the incident was apparently caught on videotape.

The woman's friend, Danielle Davino, added, "This man's physical and verbal violence was clearly based on his intolerance, ignorance and hate for homosexual and transgendered issues."

The patrons' discussion at George Webb's restaurant allegedly focused on the proposal to add an amendment to the state constitution to explicitly prohibit gay marriage, and apparently became heated, WISC-TV reported.In the video, a man in a suit can be seen pushing one person down and punching another customer. The man walks out and then comes back, apparently throwing ketchup bottles and other objects.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spitzer, Faso Clash On Gay Marriage

by Newscenter Staff

(New York City) The first one-on-one debate in the race for New York State governor was filled with fireworks Tuesday night as Attorney General Elliott Spitzer unleashed a barrage of verbal missiles at his GOP opponent.

Spitzer is so far out in the polls the debate was considered "break or make for John Faso. But from the start Faso was on the defensive as Spitzer painted him as being so far to the right he is out of step with New Yorkers.

When the candidates were asked their positions on same-sex marriage Faso tried to claim some ground, declaring that Spitzer is "going to force gay marriage down the throats of New Yorkers."

"Let me respond to John without responding to his use of metaphors," a calm Spitzer replied...

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Calendars, Concept Upsetting to Phila. Parents

The Philadelphia School District has designated October as Lesbian And Gay History Month, which has some parents upset.

The idea, according to the district, is to promote and instill pride in those from various cultures as well as different sexual orientations.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Keith Olberman speaks about Clinton, Bush and 911 in Pointed Commentary!

Canadian Lawmaker Wants Gay Rights Tied To Foreign Policy
by Newscenter Staff

(Ottawa) A Canadian member of parliament is calling for the adoption of the Declaration of Montreal to be enshrined in the country's foreign policy. The declaration was prepared this summer at an international LGBT rights conference tied to the first Outgames in Montreal.
"LGBT people face discrimination and oppression daily in countries all over the world. In some areas the situation for LGBT peoples is deteriorating. Canada must set the standard for the rest of the world and endorse this Declaration so that our goal of equal rights for every lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender person in every region of the world can be achieved."
Bill Siksay (pictured), the NDP spokesperson on LGBT issues.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Tutu Expresses Shame at Anglican Church(AP)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in the first authorized biography of the Nobel peace laureate, said he was ashamed of his Anglican Church's conservative position that rejected gay priests.

In the book "Rabble-Rouser for Peace," by his former press secretary, John Allen, Tutu also criticized the last apartheid president, F.W. de Klerk, for not accepting accountability for apartheid atrocities. He said the failure caused him to regret having nominated de Klerk, along with Nelson Mandela, for their 1993 Nobel Peace Prize.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu gestures during the fundraiser gala "Tutu: One Amazing Night of Celebration" in Beverly Hills September 18, 2006. Nobel Peace prize recipient Tutu was honored by Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA) with a special gala for his 75th birthday. (AP Photo/Pool/Mario Anzuoni)
Tutu also said he was deeply saddened at the furor caused by the appointment of openly gay V. Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire in 2003.
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jim McGreevey's "The Confession" Launch Event!

A private event, hosted by Garden State Equality, the launch/book signing was attended by more than three hundred people at the Woodbridge Community Center in Woodbridge, NJ.

Certified Senior Event Coordinator, Marcinho, gets his copy of the new book by James McGreevey signed. The gentleman at left is "Ghost Writer", David France.

Garden State Equality Chair, Stephen Goldstein and a host of other McGreevey friends, co-workers, associates, collegues shared heartfelt remarks at the opening of the event which was covered by virtually every major media outlet.

"It was a really warm atmosphere. I really enjoyed chatting briefly with Mr. McGreevey and his partner, Mark O'Donnell. The men were really genuine and approachable. They seemed very much in love and very happy. I wish them all the best in their lives. It was good to see a couple so obviously right together."

Update (9/22/06): Someone feels book may hurt gay rights movement.

Monday, September 18, 2006

NJ's Capital Rainbowfest!

Sun shines on Rainbowfest
Staff Writer, The Trentonian

TRENTON -- There was something for everybody -- young and old,gay or straight -- at yesterday’s fourth annual Capital Rainbowfest in Mill Hill Park.

Following the first-ever Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, Bisexual and Intersexed Pride Parade (TGLCA) hundreds flocked to the park to visit over 45 vendors and hear live music all afternoon... Continue at The Trentonian?
2 Male Spanish Air Force Privates Wed
By Daniel Woolls, Associated Press Writer

Alberto Linero, 27, and Alberto Sanchez, 24, both privates in the air force, wore dark blue dress uniforms with red and gold epaulets as they exchanged vows in a reception room at Seville's town hall — the first known wedding among same-sex members of the military since Spain legalized gay marriage last year...continue reading at

Terrific photos via Towleroad

Friday, September 15, 2006

Pioneer of Erotic Lesbian Art,
Tee A. Corinne Dies

(Exerpted from an obit on GLINN available here)

Artist and author Tee Athelston Corinne died August 27, 2006, in Sunny Valley, Oregon, her home for the past twenty-five years. Hers was a dignified death, surrounded by friends, admirers, and students, after a six-month battle with cholangiocarcinoma, a rare and untreatable cancer. Corinne was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1943. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of South Florida in 1965, and her Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in New York in 1968. Additional studies were pursued at the Newcomb Art School of Tulane University and the Henry Street Settlement in New York City. She was a teacher of art and writing, most recently at Rogue Community College.

Tee A. Corinne © 2006 Susanne Petermann
Last Portrait of Tee A. Corinne, taken July 27, 2006

“Completely Queer: The Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia,” called her "one of the most visible and accessible lesbian artists in the world."

Susie Bright (also known as Susie Sexpert) said: "She is the beginning of lesbian erotic photography, and her influence is inestimable....She has created the most lasting images of lesbian eroticism, the vulva landscapes, the crayon-colored cunts, the solarized lesbian embraces, the portrait of her scowling lover in a starched white shirt."

Corinne burst into national awareness in 1977 with the publication of the third issue of the magazine “Sinister Wisdom.” A poster of her solarized cover photograph of two women making love became required decoration for dorm rooms, apartments, and homes all over lesbian nation. The San Francisco Bay Area knew Tee even earlier, with her publication of the “Cunt Coloring Book” in 1975. As late as 1999, the Traditional Values Coalition sent copies of the “Cunt Coloring Book” to members of Congress calling it filth and pornography, in an effort to discredit James Hormel during the hearings on his appointment as ambassador to Luxembourg. (A copy of the coloring book is in the James Hormel Gay and Lesbian Reading Center at the San Francisco Public Library.)

In 1965, Corinne began exhibiting her artwork. Her work featured sexual, especially lesbian, imagery starting in the 1970s, when she worked with the San Francisco Sex Information Switchboard. Her artwork and writing began appearing in the lesbian and feminist press in 1974, including over fifty book covers for Naiad Press. Some of the magazines which published her work are “Sinister Wisdom,” “Heresies,” “Calyx,” “Maize,” “Libido,” “A Woman’s Touch,” “off our backs,” “On Our Backs,” “Yellow Silk,” “Cupido,” “Bad Attitude,” and “WomanSpirit.” The album cover of Holly Near’s "Imagine My Surprise" features a Corinne portrait; Corinne also contributed artwork to albums for Suede and Musica Femina.

>From 1979 to 1981 she co-facilitated the Feminist Photography Ovulars (as opposed to seminars), and was co-founder of “The Blatant Image, A Magazine of Feminist Photography,” which grew out of the Ovulars.

Among her books of images are “Women Who Loved Women” (1984) and “Yantras of Womanlove” (1982). She produced dozens of chapbooks of her drawings. Her work is discussed in the books “The Contest of Meaning” (1989), “Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs” (1991), “Forbidden Subjects” (1992), and “Nothing But The Girl” (1996).

In 1983, she began her career as a writer of erotica, contributing stories to magazines and anthologies. “Dreams of the Woman Who Loved Sex,” a collection of stories, appeared in 1987, followed by “Lovers” in 1989, and the novel “The Sparkling Lavender Dust of Lust,” 1991. Corinne edited several anthologies of erotica, one of which, “Intricate Passions,” won a Lambda Literary Award in 1990.

Corinne read papers at numerous conferences, including as a featured speaker in 1988 at the National Women in Photography Conference, the Berkshire Conference on Women and History, the Northwest Women’s Studies Association, and the National Women’s Studies Association. A founding board member and past co-chair of the Queer Caucus (originally the Lesbian and Gay Caucus) of the College Art Association, she was also a national board member of the Women’s Caucus for Art.

Among her many honors was the 1997 Women's Caucus for Art "President's Award for Service to Women in the Arts." A lifelong activist in the women's and lesbian and gay rights movements, Corinne is the subject of an entry in “The Queer Encyclopedia of the Visual Arts,” as well as in the book “Uncommon Heroes.” In 2000, she received a Lambda Award for lifetime service from the Abdill-Ellis LambdaCommunity Center in Ashland, Oregon.

Corinne's art has appeared in shows at the Berkeley Art Museum at the University of California ("In a Different Light," 1995) and the ArmandHammer Museum in Los Angeles ("Sexual Politics," 1996). Some of her artwork will be included in "Wack!" in April 2007 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. A permanent archive of her work and papers has been established at the University of Oregon in Eugene. An index to this body of work is available online through Northwest Digital Archives.

Writer and social activist Beverly Anne Brown, Corinne’s partner of sixteen years, died of cancer in October 2005. Their ashes will be interred in a double plot at Granite HillCemetery in Grants Pass, Oregon.

In the months after her diagnosis, Corinne completed two major projects. “Lesbian Art Issues: Variations on Queerly Appealing Themes,” a collection of her essays, will be published in 2007 by Haworth Press. "Scars, Stoma, Ostomy Bag and Portacath" is a compact disk compilation of manipulated images of photographs she made during Brown's struggle with cancer. The CD was sent to friends and contacts in the art world. It may be viewed online at

A permanent collection of her papers and work has been established at the University of Oregon in Eugene. A finding aid to the core collection is available online in the Northwest Digital Archives database of finding aids at: Additions to the collection are being acquired and will be added to the collection but are not currently available.

Contributions in her memory can be made to UO Foundation/Libraries, with "In memory of Tee Corinne" in the memo line, and should be mailed to the Library Development Office, 1299 University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403-1299. Alternately, the Tee A. Corinne Prize for Lesbian Media Artists has been established.

Tax-deductible contributions to it can be made to Moonforce Media, PO Box 13375, Silver Spring, MD 20911.

View some her images/art?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lambda Legal Mourns the Passing of Tyrone Garner, Plaintiff in Lambda Legal’s Historic U. S. Supreme Court Victory, Lawrence and Garner v. Texas

(New York, September 12, 2006) — Lambda Legal’s Executive Director, Kevin Cathcart, issued the following statement concerning the death of Tyrone Garner, one of the two plaintiffs in Lambda Legal’s landmark U. S. Supreme Court victory, Lawrence and Garner v. Texas:

“We extend our heartfelt condolences to Tyrone’s family and friends and we join them in mourning his passing.

Because Tyrone Garner and John Lawrence had the courage to challenge homophobic sodomy laws, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized that love, sexuality and family play the same role in gay people’s lives as they do for everyone else. That’s a colossal legacy and one for which his community will forever be thankful.” Read the entire story via Lambda Legal?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gay Former NJ Governor To Break Silence On 'Oprah'
By Troy Espera

Former New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey, emerges from public silent since resigning from office two years ago after announcing he was gay, is set to tell his story on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."
According to The Associated Press, Winfrey landed the exclusive interview with 49-year-old McGreevey because of her sense of faith and spirituality, according to friends of the former governor. Read it at

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Friday, September 08, 2006

"Saint of 9/11" Screens in Remembrance on September 11.

Father Mychal Judge [wikipedia] was a beloved chaplain of the Fire Department of New York, who lost his life on September 11, 2001. He also, as it happens, was a devout, celibate, gay priest as well as a hero.

"Saint of 9/11" tells the story of Father Mychal's life through those deeply touched by his ministry, from the powerless to the dispossessed. The film reveals Father Mychal as complex, intense, humble and deeply loved, through interviews of friends and colleagues and narration of Father Mychal's own words by legendary actor Sir Ian McKellen.

The screenings are happening in thirteen cities on Monday, September 11th.
To learn about the locations and further information click HERE (via Equality Forum).

Here's the trailer!
All for One and One for All!

NEW YORK - Brad Pitt, ever the social activist, says he won't be marrying Angelina Jolie until the restrictions on who can marry whom are dropped.

"Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able," the 42-year-old actor reveals in Esquire magazine's October issue, on newsstands Sept. 19. In the article he reflects on "fifteen things I think everyone should know."

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FDA fines American Red Cross $4.2M
for violating blood-safety laws
By Andre Bridges, AP Writer (via Yahoo News)


...The fine was the largest single penalty assessed so far under terms of a 2003 court settlement that allows the large fines when the Red Cross violates FDA rules. Previously, the FDA had fined the Red Cross a total of $5.7 million. Read via Yahoo! News?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jim McGreevey
signs his new book, "The Confession", in NJ

Former NJ Governor, Jim McGreevey is to hold a book signing in New Jersey on the day the book debuts. This invitation only event is being sponsored by a NJ GLBT Rights group. We've been invited but, for security reasons, do not feel permitted to divulge ALL the details.

Mr. Mc Greevey, whose public coming out conference seemed to shake the state and the country, will be autographing copies and posing for photos with book purchasers.

On the day of his news conference in August of 2004, our CEO--- MW Savant, sent a letter of support to Mr. McGreevey and extended a welcome to visit Key West with his wife and daughter if they felt the need to get away. No such visit occurred but a kind reply was received.
He was dignified. He was brave. I admire him for finding his happiness and comfort in his own skin, for remaining an active father to his children and for being able to share his life with a person with whom he has found love, despite his travails.
"Having grown up in the region of NJ where he was governor (and also an assemblyman and a mayor) inspired empathy in me for him. I knew of Mr. Mc Greevey, as a matter of course, as a central NJ resident. As an out GLBT person from the same area, I was proud of his courage in coming out. Whether or not it was some kind of spin, as it has been alleged, the man came forth and proudly made his statement. He was dignified. He was brave. I admire him for finding his happiness and comfort in his own skin, for remaining an active father to his children and for being able to share his life with a person with whom he has found love, despite his travails. I am grateful in many ways for Mr. McGreevey," Savant said. Mr. Savant plans to attend and show his support.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ellen DeGeneres Is OK after crash

Ellen DeGeneres walked away from a three-vehicle collision caused by a suspected drunken driver, police said. "She had a little neck and back pain, but it doesn't look like it was anything serious," said Sgt. Ken Buscarino of the Los Angeles police said after Friday's accident.

The collision occurred just before 4 p.m. on Sunset Boulevard, Buscarino said. The talk-show host stopped her 2006 Porsche Carrera at a light, followed by a 2002 Buick Le Sabre with two men in their 20s.

A 2002 Porsche Carrera driven by a 52-year-old woman slammed into the back of the Buick and caused a chain reaction, police said. Continue reading story?