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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jim McGreevey's "The Confession" Launch Event!

A private event, hosted by Garden State Equality, the launch/book signing was attended by more than three hundred people at the Woodbridge Community Center in Woodbridge, NJ.

Certified Senior Event Coordinator, Marcinho, gets his copy of the new book by James McGreevey signed. The gentleman at left is "Ghost Writer", David France.

Garden State Equality Chair, Stephen Goldstein and a host of other McGreevey friends, co-workers, associates, collegues shared heartfelt remarks at the opening of the event which was covered by virtually every major media outlet.

"It was a really warm atmosphere. I really enjoyed chatting briefly with Mr. McGreevey and his partner, Mark O'Donnell. The men were really genuine and approachable. They seemed very much in love and very happy. I wish them all the best in their lives. It was good to see a couple so obviously right together."

Update (9/22/06): Someone feels book may hurt gay rights movement.


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