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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gay Marriage Legal In Conn. Starting Wednesday

Nutmeg State Joins Massachusetts As Only 2 In Nation To Allow Same-Sex Partners To Wed; Couples Ecstatic

Reporting: Mary Calvi

COLCHESTER, Conn. (CBS) ― Starting Wednesday, it's official. Same-sex couples in Connecticut will be legally allowed to tie the knot. And some have been waiting decades for this reality. CBS 2 HD spoke with one couple who helped turn the law around. Janet Peck and Carol Conklin can get married Wednesday if they'd like. Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Connecticut.

"We've been dreaming of getting married for 33 years," Peck said. The couple has been in a four-year legal fight to have the law reversed. The courts agreed with them. "My parents always said when you grow up you'll find the person you'll get married to and Janet is that person for me," Conklin said...

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