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Thursday, July 10, 2008

San Diego Hyatt Hotel Owner Donated $125,000 to Stop Gay Marriage

via LAist

It has just been revealed that the owner of the Manchester Grand Hyatt has, reportedly, made a substantial contribution to Prop 8 backers in California to support the effort to amend the state's constitution to specifically ban same-sex marriage.
Now certainly the man is allowed to support any effort he desires. Equally certain, despite his statement that gays and lesbians are welcome to his hotels and restaurants, is the likelihood that GLBTI guests will now seek out other digs?
It is policy that screens its vendors to assure genuine welcome and care. Currently our Master Vendor List features 629, hand-selected and evaluated companies to serve our clients.

We're having a bit of a challenge reconciling a hotelier's support of an anti-gay marriage effort with a, parallel, welcome to GLBTI guests to spend GLBTI dollars at this property.

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