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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Massachusetts lets out-of-state gay couples marry


The residency requirement for gay marriage in Massachusetts is now lifted.

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  • At 20/9/08 6:33 PM, Anonymous Gay Wedding Gear said…

    I don't see why you didn't elaborate on this a bit more. Although it is fantastic that Mass is allowing gays from out of state to marry, what happens when they leave Mass. and return to their home states. This is a huge topic and would make for a great discussion. Great blog though, lots of good comments and I love the mention on the lesbian couple who was first to marry in Cali.

  • At 20/9/08 8:38 PM, Anonymous MW Savant said…

    Thanks for your kind words.

    You're correct. It definitely warrants more discussion.

    What is known is that there is little benefit to marrying in Massachusetts if you live in a state that doesn't recognize same-sex marriage.

    One could take their MA marriage certificate to California and be respected. Another place that offers recognition is New York, recently, thanks to its Governor.

    Some GLBT organizations are warning off the idea of loads of people using a marriage in a state where it is recognized to come back to their home states and wage a series of lawsuits to "force the issue into their state's business, fearing a backlash.

    So much more is yet to come on the matter of recognition.

    We choose to listen to the GLBT marriage equality experts and let them do their job in securing marriage equality for all.

    It's not easy to resist furious battles willy-nilly. It seems, at present, however, to be the prudent thing to do.

    We have often told people wanting to come to one of our service areas for a legal wedding, and bring it home to where it isn't recognized, to hold off.

    There would be absolutely no immediate benefit to them to do so.

    We often ask clients if the have considered relocating to a state where their marriage would be legal.

    Even if they NEVER have a wedding with us, it is CRUCIAL that they enlist the protection of whatever legal documents can help them get their domestic affairs in order (power of attorney, living will, et cetera).

    There are cases when, even in possession of these documents, hospitals, employers and others choose to ignore these papers.

    I feel that something is better than nothing, for the time being, until marriage equality is won. I am not a lawer though.

    We lose money by advising clients in that manner, but, karma is real and the war for national marriage equality isn't yet won.

    We've been here helping couples since 2004. As we enter our fifth year, we will continue to give clients the very best advice and guidance we can.

    Yes. We are in business to help guide people to their perfect wedding and to succeed... But, not everything is about money.

    Nearly every state has or is building a Marriage Equality organization. Maybe it would be a good idea to contact the one in the state or region one lives in BEFORE making any wedding plans.

    They have the legal experts and will take great concern in assisting people who seek out their help.

    We'll be here and ready when you need us, after finding out the best course of action for yourselves to take.

    MW Savant, CEO


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