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Friday, May 16, 2008

And the Sun Still Rose

MW Savant

Everything today is as it was yesterday! Well almost.

Today is the day after the great State of California had the gravitas, intelligence and sense of fairness and justice, to make their citizens equal.

Today is the day when 100,000 or more same-sex couples in that state took their first breath as people who were no longer shunned or oppressed or denied in the quest for the rights and responsibilities previously enjoyed only by their heterosexual counterparts.

While some bitterly mourn the death of yesterday's inequity, it was a death that was overdue.

The quest for GLBTI rights (inherent ones--- not special ones) has been going on in California for the last fifty years. Congratulations California. You join Massachussetts in shining a light down the much-feared, and rhetoric-plagued, "dark tunnel" of GLBTI marriage equality. You have bravely and logically shown that there is NO gray area in Equality! You have proven that the tides, mountains and sunshine would not, as some would have had us believe, utterly cease to be.

Today, the voyage continues to the point where Californians, of every stripe, are nearing blissful equality. This day, GLBTI couples drink the elixer of fairness and feel counted. Today. As the naysayers and devout opponents decried the simple act of fairness and wisdom demonstrated by the bench and pledged that they would 'fight this to the death' going forward---they thumped through their newspapers and slammed through the TV channels, angrily and piously slurping their coffee and, alas, the sun still rose.

There is no gray area in equality. How can there be? Kudos California! Congratulations couples.

Mr. Takei, Mr. Altman, Ms. DeGeneres and Ms. DeRossi... We're here and ready to help! We were created for you!

Editor's Note: The opinion expressed above is entirely that of MW Savant and does not, necessarily, reflect the view(s) held by™, LLC, its principals, affiliates or subsidiaries. However, in this case it DOES.

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