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Friday, January 18, 2008

Cartoon Features 2 Lesbian Mothers--- Buddy G and his two Mommies!!!

There's a new cartoon in town! "Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me" provides a much needed resource to children of same-sex parent households, their parents and the public at large.

Created by Donna Colley and Margaux Towne-Colley, "Buddy G..." is a stylish, technically exceptional, high production value animated series...currently available on DVD. The birth of their son was the impetus for the creation of the series (in their own words).

I was immediately driven to tell as many people as I could reach about this great little kid and his normal family. I am convinced that the series can and will, finally, build that bridge between those who deny our family structures and GLBTI parents around the world.

Kudos aren't enough. My enthusiasm isn't enough! A resounding "BRAVI TUTTI" to the creators of this marvelous tool! Now our kids can see themselves and their families depicted on the television, just like every other child on the planet.
Have a look at the show's Opening:

Buddy G's theme song was written and is performed by Curt Bright of The String Beans, Lincoln, NE. Buddy G's animation is done by 3D Magic Factory of Austin, TX does not normally endorse non wedding-related products. "Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me", however, is just so well made, well-thought out, and professionally structured. It shows normal kids, living normal lives, playing in the yard and learning life's most important lessons!
I heartily congratulate the mothers for their insight, drive and dedication to getting this project under weigh! Thank you for making it possible to create a more equal and unbiased society. Thank you for depicting the truth about parenting, regardless of the particular make-up of that family unit. Thanks, most of all, for sharing Buddy G and making our families real for the world to see!
Everybody...I hope you'll consider this DVD for your family!
-Mr. MW Savant, CEO

Editor's Note: The preceding opinion is a statement by CEO MW Savant. It is his opinion and does not necessarily reflect the position of, its principals, staff or affiliates.

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  • At 25/1/08 10:39 AM, Blogger said…

    Dear Mr. Savant -

    One of our Buddy G viewers brought your blog comments to our attention. We really appreciate you taking the time to write about the cartoon.

    The entertainment industry - and many others - ignore that our children even exist. Our son is 6 and we simply got tired of waiting.

    I hope that you will continue to encourage people to support Buddy G by buying the first DVD. We're anxious to begin production on the next DVD and we have several other related projects that we hope to launch related to the cartoon.

    Also, there is another show for our kids Dotties Magic Pockets. I would encourage people to buy their DVD as well.

    Warm regards from cold Omaha,

    Donna Colley

  • At 25/1/08 10:46 AM, Blogger said…

    Omaha!??? You have our sympathy on the temperature there!

    Please do let me know when the next DVD comes out!

    Distribution/syndication plans for Logo television or PBS or anything?
    I hope so!

    Please keep me posted.


  • At 25/1/08 6:06 PM, Blogger said…

    Thank you. Yes, it's been in single digits and below for the last couple of weeks. (We lived in Austin for a few months this summer. That should prove just how much a good school (Brownell Talbot in Omaha) means to parents.

    Margaux says that she will shoot me if I talk about tv in any way . . . she doesn't want to jinx any potential there. On the bright side the shooting would bring additional media attention to the cartoon.

    Thanks again - really - a huge thanks!


  • At 26/1/08 6:41 PM, Blogger said…

    Yes...ummm...Donna? About the shooting...well, there IS that! LOL.

    Interesting Marketing plan!

    You're both so Welcome Donna!

    Have a great weekend!


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