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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oct 12, 2007 National Coming Out Day for People of Faith

Oct 12, 2007 National Coming Out Day for People of Faith

On October 12, 2007 the remembrance of the anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s life, the Rainbow Sash Movement will be holding a sacred liturgy of remembrance for Mathew. We stand opposed to any form hate, and the murder of Mathew Shepherd was a hateful violent crime. Christians must ask what part they and Christianity played in enabling this horrific crime.

As Catholic Christians we are ashamed of our Church, and other Christian Church’s for not addressing the issue of homophobia within our own ranks. We are ashamed of those who speak up for human rights and exclude GLBT people from that umbrella, as if we came from another planet, what hypocrisy. There is no justification for this whether it is theologically, or biblical based. There is no excuse for hate.

Matthew Shepard calls us to a better way one of dialogue, and active listening. We must remember who we are, children of God. That memory has faded for many of us because of our divisions. In that spirit we welcome all people of faith, and goodwill to this National Sacred Liturgy. Our Eucharist table is a place where all God’s people gather, and we will not challenge any that feel called to join us. We will welcome you with open hearts. Let Catholics and non-Catholics come together to pray and remember the life of this wonderful young man.

Our national Liturgy will be held in the Archdiocese of Chicago to attend please email, or phone 312-266-0182. We are also calling on other communities of faith across the nation to hold this day as a national day prayer for Mathew. October 11, 2007, is national coming out day; perhaps October 12, 2007 should be national coming out day for people of faith.

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