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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brides Dump Tradition, Trash Wedding Dresses

Grooms Also Get In On New Trend


Brides are taking the plunge into rivers, oceans, lakes and fountains for outlandish wedding pictures.Most of them said their wedding dresses are just taking up space, and they want to put them to good use for some edgy pictures in their photo album, reported KERO-TV in Bakersfield, Calif. Brides tend to be picky about where they sit and what they do while getting pictures taken before their wedding, so trashing their dress after the honeymoon allows them to get the pictures they really want.Dress trashing has become popular in the last year, with brides diving underwater or even rolling in the dirt. But women are not the only ones getting down and dirty. Their husbands are joining in the fun, too. Although the name suggests these women are trashing their dresses, it's not totally true. Most of the dresses can be cleaned and made to look just like new.

NOTE from the CEO:

Yes. It is a growing phenomena--- dress trashing. We've all seen it on TV commercials, gossip and reality TV programs and the like. I remember a celebrity diving in to the Caribbean.

It's not that I'm saying its a good idea or not. It is entirely up to the Brides and Grooms!

The questions that should be asked, though, are:
Do I CARE about having to get the garment properly cleaned?
Will I have a blast and ENJOY the relaxation that comes from 'getting loose'?
Will we LOVE looking at these photos forever?
How many 'real' shots should we take, just in case?
Do we think its a cool and FUN thing to do?
Will this be the PERFECT way to release all the tension of the day!?

If you can answer immediately, and without hesitation, "yes!" then maybe it's just the thing you need to send your event over the top!!! Just make sure to give the number of your dry cleaner to your coordinator!



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