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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ALERT: bi immigrants and bisexual bi-national families being doubly discriminated against by USA

from Bialogue

"Dear Bi/Bi-Inclusive Friends,

I just took action on an issue of real significance to a lot of families, and I hope you'll join me.

Nineteen (19) other countries recognize same-sex couples committed to spending their lives together as 'families' for immigration purposes - and the US, shamefully, does not. That means US citizens and legal residents can't sponsor their same-sex partners from other countries, a basic right other Americans enjoy.

Did you know that Bisexual people are being singled out for scrutiny?

A woman in New Jersey who obtained her green card when married to her husband may have her status revoked because immigration officials are claiming that since after her divorce she fell in love with a woman, the previous marriage was false and done only for green card purposes. They are trying to scuttle her application for citizenship and revoke her green card.

She is bisexual and perfectly capable of falling in love with someone from any gender. She is not allowed to sponsor her partner who is from her homeland of Brazil and the US won't even allow her partner into the country to visit.

Despite the fact that she has a good job and a home in NJ and her desire and application for American citizenship, they are considering emigrating to Canada where they hope they would be able to reunite.

If you are in/from the USA please write your lawmakers today, so we can stop this unequal policy once and for all. It's easy, just click this link and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) does everything for you -- you'll be in and out in 2 minutes!


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