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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Matchmaking Service Offers Tips
for Maintaining Lesbian Relationships

"After years of matchmaking experience, years of being active in our community, and decades working with relationships, I have found that human nature reigns, whether it is in heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian relationships," says Susan Adams, founder and CEO of Lavender Liaisons, in the official press release. "The basics of human nature and the nuances are the same. They are part of our culture. While they may differ somewhat for gay relationships, I have found these seven tips to be true for all monogamous lesbian relationships."
The tips are:
  • be truthful about what you want
  • avoid sex too early on
  • have good communication and negotiation
  • tell her what your “deal-breakers” are
  • put the baggage away
  • come to grips with any jealousy or insecurity that you may have discover what kind of lesbian you are and what kind appeals to you
  • “and then make sure your types are compatible.
“If you follow these seven tips, you are well on your way to creat[ing] total compatibility in your love relationship,” the press release says.

The release also addresses a common problem many lesbians have, which is approaching a potential love interest if they are shy...


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