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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Residents Debate Same-Sex Marriage In N.J.
Assembly Bill Proposes Legalizing 'Civil Unions'

Jay Dow, WCBS-TV (Image: CBS)

Who gets to say this couple is actually married?

It's a question that dominated emotional testimony today in Trenton. "We are always the outsiders looking in the pane of glass watching other couples joyfully participate in a marriage," Karen Nicholson-McFadden said.

Plaintiffs suing for the right to be considered "married" sat in the same small committee room alongside their critics.

The issue: whether an Assembly bill calling same sex relationships "civil unions" - not marriages should pass into law.

Marcye Nicholson-McFadden told us,"if you want to make the commitment to somebody you love, in the deepest most universal way - would you settle for anything less than marriage?"

Ironically, supporters and critics of the gay marriage issue are on the same page today, agreeing that this bill is not the right answer.

Opponents of gay marriage said the bill goes too far, and supporters said it doesn't go far enough...


  • At 7/12/06 6:17 PM, Blogger Ms. & Miss said…

    It is completely unreal to me that it is 2006 and such discrimination is possible in the free world. I truly don't understand.

  • At 8/12/06 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't either. Every day I am more and more appalled by the present-day bigotry that echoes varied parts of our history (U.S.). It's inconceivable but yet its totally happening.


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