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Monday, December 11, 2006

New Zogby-Garden State Equality Poll released today, Monday, December 11, 2006


Poll shows very low intensity of opposition to marriage equality, hardly a divisive issue in our progressive state

Poll taken December 4-5, 2006 of 800 New Jersey voters, margin of error +/- 3.5 percent

By 78% to 18%, opponents of marriage equality say other issues matter “far more” to them.

By 65% to 28%, voters believe the state will eventually legalize marriage for gay couples.

Support for marriage equality jumps 33% when voters understand that civil unions don't consistently protect gay couples.

As the legislature rams through civil unions at lightning speed, only 34% believe people know what civil unions are. 53% believe people have no idea.

"Many of our public officials say they support marriage equality, but that New Jersey isn't ready yet. This poll shows the opposite: New Jersey is giving permission to public officials to vote for a marriage equality bill now. New Jersey is willing to let its public officials lead." -- Steven Goldstein, chair of Garden State Equality, cell (917) 449-8918

When you hear the term “civil unions” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Gay marriage/gay rights (228) 28%

Like a marriage (108) 13%

Labor unions/workers (53) 7%

Civil liberties (29) 4%

Not a good thing (20) 2%

A group of people working together (13) 2%

A good thing (12) 1%

A legal contract (10) 1%

Equality (5) 1%

Liberals (5) 1%

Don’t know (253) 32%

Three each: Corruption; Unity

Two each: Immoral; Vermont

One each: All states; At peace; Blacks; Civil unions; Civil War; Civilized; Constitution; Freedom; Greed; Hard times; Help people with problems; Hypocrisy; Independent; It's a familiar term; Jackson; Local; Money; Nothing against unions; Nuisance; Open organization; Oxymoron; Problems; Public; Race; Republicans; Rip off; Social Security; Some states are for it and some are against; Something that should be legalized but isn’t; Something fairly run; Something political; Stupidity; Term that’s politically correct; Torn on it; Treating people civilly; Trouble; What are they driving for; Who would do a better job; Wishing thinking

Do you think that other people know what “civil unions” mean or do you think they really have no idea?

Know what it means 34%

Really have no idea 53%

Not sure 13%

Civil unions give gay couples many of the rights of marriage without allowing them to marry like straight couples can. Which of the following do you support for gay couples?

Can support either marriage or civil unions 44%

Civil unions only 32%

No legal rights for gay couples 17%

Not sure 7%

A plurality (44%) can support either marriage or civil unions for gay couples, including those who find either acceptable and those who find only marriage for gay couples acceptable. An additional one in three (32%) supports civil unions only ? therefore more than three in four (76%) support civil unions. In comparison, one in six (17%) believes there should be no legal rights for gay couples. Seven percent are unsure.

Regardless of when it may happen or where you stand on the issue, do you agree or disagree that gay couples will eventually be allowed to marry?

Agree 65%

Disagree 28%

Not sure 8%

Which of the following issues is most important to you personally?

Property taxes 47%

Government corruption 29%

The environment 16%

Marriage for gay couples 3%

Transportation/congestion 2%

Other/Not sure 4%

Civil unions are supposed to give gay couples rights granted to heterosexual married couples, such as being able to visit their partner in the hospital. But if you knew in the real world that it did not work out that way, would you be much more likely, somewhat more likely, somewhat less likely, or much less likely to support actual marriage for gay couples or would it make no difference?

Much more likely 21%

Somewhat more likely 12% More likely 33%

Somewhat less likely 4%

Much less likely 9% Less likely 13%

No difference 49%

Not sure 5%


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