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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mexicans Flatly Reject Same-Sex Marriage
Angus Reid Global Monitor : Polls & Research

(Angus Reid Global Monitor) - Many adults in Mexico believe homosexual partners should not be allowed to enter wedlock, according to a poll by Parametría. 61 per cent of respondents oppose a constitutional amendment that would permit same-sex marriage.

In addition, only 28 per cent of respondents are in favour of a law that would allow homosexual partners to legally register and obtain some benefits and rights.

In November, Mexico City became the first municipality in the Latin American country to legally recognize same-sex partners. The local legislature, dominated by the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), voted 43-17 to grant specific pension and inheritance rights to gay and lesbian couples. These same-sex unions will not be called marriage, and homosexual partners will remain unable to adopt children.

Same-sex marriage is currently legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada and South Africa, and at least 18 countries offer some form of legal recognition to same sex unions.

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