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Monday, December 18, 2006

Gay Radio Couple Gets Hitched
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Soap’s longest running gay romance, involving Adam Macy (Andrew Wincott) and Ian Craig (Stephen Kennedy), began in April 2004 with a kiss in a polytunnel

It is being called “a soap opera first” by England’s The Independent: Two gay male characters from the BBC Radio 4 program The Archers had a civil ceremony the night of December 14th.

Archers characters Adam Macy (Andrew Wincott) and Ian Craig (Stephen Kennedy) have been romantically involved for two years, and kissed for the first time in 2004.

John Galliano, editor of the publication Gay Times, commended the show for the portrayal of the relationship. "In terms of The Archers being the last bastion of middle England, for the relationship to be there in the middle of that is a wonderful thing and sends out a powerful message. What's different about this relationship compared with other gay relationships in soaps is that it's longer sustained and very much part of the community. They are not treated any differently to how other characters are treated," he told The Independent...

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