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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Blue Jersey/"Think Equal" Campaign's JUAN MELLI
Faces off with Family Research Council's Peter Sprigg

From BlueJersey.comJuan vs Crazy Dude

"Yesterday I went up to New York to tape a debate on marriage equality. It aired last night at 7pm on RNN.

The debate was against Peter Sprigg, Vice President for Policy at the Family Research Council - an extremist, intolerant, hate group whose leader Tony Perkins has longstanding ties to white supremacist groups. These guys are really the fringe of the fringe.

Mr Sprigg's resume includes valiantly taking on Sponge Bob Square Pants for brainwashing our children into being gay:

"Ultimately we feel that this is being used as propaganda to indoctrinate very small children to accept a different definition of family."
Real looney toons stuff, all of them. So that's the context for this debate. Keep in mind this is my first time on tv, so ummmm, I wasn't ummmmm, very good at ummmmm formulating my ummm thoughts.

Here it is:"


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