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Monday, November 20, 2006

They DID it!
Kelli and Karen(r)!!!!!

The ceremony was beautiful! Pictures forthcoming!

We cannot spoil the amazing surprises about all the things these folks will see and do during their trip! OR about their touching ceremony!

We can tell you that Kelli has worked intensely with her planner, Marcinho, with only weeks of lead time, to create an adventure-filled, informative, romantic, relaxing and memorable ceremony and honeymoon for Karen! We can also tell you that they have been nominated the next featured couple for our website for the month of November!

The ladies are from Mississippi and Kelli, for one, is proud to be our first client from there. She is proud of a lot of things: Her love. Her loved one. Being out and proud and the tremendous events she has in store for Karen! The happy couple have been together for six years and have three children aged 8 to nineteen! Kudos! According to their planner:

"This woman (Kelli) is just amazing! She is very, VERY professional but loves to laugh! She was very clear about doing this right.
It was so cool to hear her say "She'll LOVE that!" (referring to Karen) as we created the itinerary for their Key West visit! I'm thrilled to be working this event!" -

Welcome to the family ladies!
It is an honor and privilege to serve you!



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