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Sunday, November 05, 2006
Marriage Equality

Divided they stand
The News Virginian

Augusta County residents Linda Royster, left, and Barbara Kinsman exchange vows on Oct. 27 during a brief ceremony in Harrisonburg near the courthouse. (ROSANNE WEBER/Staff)

Fear fills Linda Royster every time she thinks of the Marriage Amendment. A lesbian, she likens it to the harsh, anti-Jewish laws that cropped up in Nazi Germany.

“They are setting it up to play on people’s fears,” said Royster, a Bridgewater lawyer. “What happens when you do that? You generate hate, and that’s exactly what’s happening.”

Opponents call it an attempt to legally classify gays and lesbians as second-class citizens. It also attacks some medical and insurance rights of all unmarried couples, they argue...

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Editor's Note: We offer our congratulations to the happy vouple and our gratitude for their courage and dedication to the ideals of fairness and equality for all! Thank you for being proud, strong and courageous!


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