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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Study Delves into Lives of Irish Gays and Lesbians
By Bryan Ochalla

A new research study is set to shine a light on Ireland's heretofore unknown gay and lesbian communities. The gay market study will look at how Irish gays and lesbians spend their time, how they spend their money, whether they prefer marriage to civil partnerships and whom they plan to vote for during the next election.

Gay marketing agency Out Now Consulting is conducting the study for Ireland's most established lesbian and gay publication, GCN (Gay Community News). Brian Finnegan, editor of GCN, expects the study to reveal a wealth of new information about the lives of Ireland's estimated 200,000 lesbians and gay men.

"This is the first time the spending and lifestyle patterns of Ireland's sizeable gay community will have been calculated and independently analyzed, which is surprising, since the gay communities of Europe, America and Australia have been consistently measured and found to be diverse and vibrant since the mid-90s," Finnegan said in a release. "We are very excited at this opportunity to uncover some truths, and maybe dismiss some myths, about Irish gays and lesbians."
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