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Saturday, November 18, 2006


On Tuesday, November 28 at 9/8C, USA Network and the creative minds behind MTV's "Laguna Beach" bring you the most unexpected Christmas movie of the year: The Great American Christmas, presented by K -Mart.

Narrated by Howie Mandel, The Great American Christmas examines our nation's biggest holiday through the eyes of six families, each picked for their distinctive and interesting takes on celebrating Christmas.

GO HERE to watch the trailer and meet the families!

Photo (USA Networks): One of the couples is Ted Trent ( Owner) and Drew Pancio.

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  • At 18/11/06 5:23 PM, Anonymous MW Savant, CEO said…

    Kudos to K-Mart Corporation for their wisdom, bravery and their grasp on the reality of true American families (and families worldwide). Thanks to them for including ALL types of real families in "The Great American Christmas" which airs on the 28th of November on USA network.


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