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Saturday, October 14, 2006


In the past year, audiences around the world were captivated by the love story of Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist. Now, you have an opportunity to bring home a part of what made Brokeback Mountain such a special film.

The producers of Brokeback Mountain, in partnership with Focus Features and, are auctioning the movie's entire wardrobe, with proceeds benefiting the Human Rights Campaign. Click here for your chance to bid on a unique memento from this powerful and important film.

Jeans, cowboy hats, boots, and other items worn by the actors during filming will be auctioned online at from October 13th to 20th. You've only got a few short days before the auction ends, so click here to see the complete list of available items and start bidding today!

(via Seen On) (view the charity confirmation letter)


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