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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Special to the blog by CEO, MW Savant

Fellow Jerseyans and GLBTI family;

First of all, I give thanks for and celebrate the indestructible seven couples who filed this suit to have their relationships and families recognized in our state. They are prepared for the rights and responsibilities that will come with an affirmative ruling. Thank you all for your bravery and willingness to stand up front and be counted. Thank you very, very much!

This is a time of incredible hope and also trepidation for me. Being born and raised in NJ, I have had many chances to see her courts rule in support of unflappable fairness and equality.

Tomorrow's expected ruling is far more important to the nation than to just our state, our region or the company I work for. It offers the sparkling hope of fairness and opportunity for our residents. Not being clairvoyant, I have been able to call the expansion of to the New Jersey area as serendipitous. Naturally a ruling in favor of marriage equality would be wonderful for our business. We already, however, enjoy the confidence and patronage of New Jersey residents at present. In serving them and making their dreams come true since our arrival has already fulfilled our hearts.

Regardless of the ruling, we at remain ready to continue our tradition of deeply caring and personalized care for all our couples in New Jersey and beyond. We stand proudly and publicly ready to continue our efforts for marriage equality around the world but especially in our new home state. I constantly rededicate myself to making certain that our couples and all members of the GLBTI family's ceremonies will never be treated with anything less than honor, respect and dignity. That's why this company was started in the first place.

I implore other New Jerseyans to get involved. Garden State Equality and their membership and leadership are astoundingly driven and tireless. It is inspiring to observe their work. And I thank them and Steven Goldstein for all that they do.

I pray that the universe endows the NJ State Supreme Court with the strength, vision and courage to do what is right in being a pioneer in the battle for marriage equality for all.

Good luck, New Jersey, and good night. May we awaken to a more equal state which demands and provides equality for everyone and honors the importance and value of our relationships.

Warm regards,

MW Savant, CEO


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