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Monday, October 23, 2006


In a feature on by, called "Ten Traits of a Good Husband", they offer the top ten traits. We reviewed them and felt that actually they were ten GREAT traits for ANYONE to look for and provide in a healthy relationship. We thought we'd share them with you. The results below were taken as of this afternoon only and could possibly change as the day progresses. We thought there were some interesting numbers. What about you?

You can read the details of their points at their site. Just substitute the pronouns and adjectives as necessary. =)

What is the most important trait of a good partner?

Care more about your partner's well-being 26%
Think like part of a team 18%
Speaking honestly 16%
Be more affectionate 10%
Empathy 7%
Avoid being judgmental 7%

Admit mistakes 7%

Be generous and fair 5%

Owning your issues 3%
Not being an emotional Mr. Fix-It 1%

Total Votes: 9,742
Note on Poll Results


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