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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Who is the victim of a gay marriage?
An Op/Ed in this morning's The Argus
by Ron Galbreath of Hayward

"My daughter, in a wheelchair, and I went to the Gay Pride Fair in downtown Hayward, where she was completely accepted. I saw something very disturbing, though: a young couple, their marriage license on the T-shirt one of them wore, with "VOID" stamped across it.

Both were male. They had been in the group that had experienced one heady moment of hope and fulfillment only to have it dashed by those seeking to "protect" — what? The Sanctity of Marriage? Tell that to Laci Peterson's parents, or the battered wives in the women's shelters!

Sanctity is conferred upon marriage by the love and commitment of the partners, not by whether the partners are the right sex or race. What is being affirmed now is the right of one group to dictate to others what they can or can't do. Laws make sense when there is a victim. But in this case, who is the injured party?"...continue at insidebayarea/The Argus?


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