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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Spain legalises gay marriage

8 Aug 2006
Jenny Sheen, 999 Today/999Network

The final details of the bill have been passed and gay marriage is now legal in Spain.

The bill legalising gay marriage in Spain cleared its last bureaucratic formality in...continue at 999 Network?

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  • At 8/8/06 5:34 PM, Anonymous "The Equalist" said…

    Congratulations Spain for your bravery and valor in making Same Sex Marriage legal!

    ¡Felicitaciones a las mentes sanas y al "Equalists" valeroso de España! ¡España Viva!!

    I felt a strong desire to speak out on the daring and important decision of the Spanish Government and the significance of the signature of the King.

    I am confident that the decision was not an intentional "insult" to the religious community.

    I feel that the act of "defiance" shows that there is an evolution which continues in today's global society, in order to accommodate and acknowledge the right of ALL persons to be free of persecution by the "majority" and its opinion.

    This is an intelligent and an aware move that is in keeping with the ever-changing nature of "mankind" in the twenty-first century. Kudos!

    Living in the USA it is bittersweet to observe the triumph of Spain's obvious quest for equality for all. It appears in retrospect that even your Queen knew, most wisely, that the world wasn't flat! She used her own intellect and heart.

    Though I do love my country, I am embarrassed and shocked that we, the ones who, presumably, fled similar persecution from "the crown", have developed into a nation of people who refuse to be weaned from that bitter sustenance. Ones too weak to love without an ace in the hole card of bigotry or communal "hatred".

    I know that others in the world look at "the land of the free" and wonder if that doesn't really mean the land where ALMOST everyone is "free" and respected and treasured.

    It is utterly galling hypocrisy that my country dares to speak to others about civil rights when we, for centuries, have elected to keep all sorts of people from freedom and equality since our inception.

    How can it be that this is tolerated (and ignored). It is with great hope and admiration that, even in one of the world's most religious countries, equality outweighs dogma. That is not to say that one's religious beliefs are not of very high importance and worthy of respect.

    It does say that, in a world made up of many faiths, religions and viewpoints, one should not, nor cannot be forced to agree with the majority as a matter of course. There is no freedom in that.
    Thank God that the inherent cloning of mindsets is not to be embraced by societies in which thinking and fundamental civil liberty are paramount activities of living.

    It is baffling that "just because" actually has any weight any where! We have, thankfully and graciously and necessarily emerged from that spineless and pious cavern to realize that "free" does NOT mean everyone EXCEPT those who are not and do not think/behave like me.

    That "fairness" is for everyone BUT those who are different. I am proud to be an American, for what I was taught to believe and work to achieve for equality (liberty & justice) for all. There is no gray area or preferential status in equality. Duh.

    I am heartened and bouyed by the logical, rational and clear thinking of those not oppressed by what they are TOLD to think and to believe. But, rather, by those who think for themselves and know in their hearts what is fair and just---as well as those cognizant of the utterly vitriolic and baseless bigotry that we use to feel "better than".

    Lemmings are gullible and "lead-able". Followers that most often drown as a direct result of their inability---even with water touching their ears--- to say "Dude! That water looks pretty freakin' deep! I'm not DOIN' it!" ---Totally Incapable of finding their way without being led and their friends... the proverbial lambs to the abattoir...merely dinner. Bless their hearts.

    Bravo Spain. Perhaps the time has, in fact, come for a new leader into the quest of freedom and justice for all. If it has, I say that you have assumed the role with tact, dignity, bravery, civility and honor on your side.

    Perhaps one day my country can truly, and without condition, live up to everything it had promised to all of her people.

    Perhaps you have now tugged her coat and said: "Hey you! This is what freedom and respect really are." If that is the case, I am so glad that you are a part of the human family.

    Thank you for proving that fear, irrational fear, is not the basis for sound societal decision making. It didn’t work for us in our country with the Irish, black slaves, Japanese internment camps, the disabled or any of the other foolish bigotries exhibited for centuries by my great nation.

    I am not an “activist”. I am not worthy of that responsibility, nor, that moniker. I am too flawed. I do, however, call myself an “equalist”. I will forever pray and work for equality in ways that I can--- usually one person at a time.

    Thank you for reminding us all in the world community, of what it means to be free and capable of rational and free thinking. Thank you for proving that opposing viewpoints do not automatically acquiesce to the "loudest" voice(s) without any regard for intelligence, humaneness and fairness.


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