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Monday, August 14, 2006

New Jersey conservatives plotting moves if court allows same-sex marriage

As they await a New Jersey Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage in the Garden State, social conservatives say they are prepared to take the fight to the ballot box if they lose in the legal arena. "If we get to an imminent threat, if we get to the point where marriage is going to be decided by the court, shouldn't we get to weigh in an issue of such magnitude?" said Len Deo, president of the New Jersey Family Policy Council.

Like advocates for same-sex marriage, New Jersey's conservative lobbyists and lawmakers are gearing up for a political battle in the aftermath of the court's ruling in the landmark case of Lewis v. Harris, in which seven gay couples contend not letting them marry is a violation of the...continue reading at The Advocate?


  • At 15/8/06 3:19 PM, Anonymous Pete - Out IN Jersey said…

    The decision from the New Jersey Supreme Court is expected any day now. It is predicted by people in the know to be a positive decision for the gay community. Most analysts say the decision will come sometime just after Labor Day.

  • At 15/8/06 3:44 PM, Anonymous MW Savant said…

    Thanks for the post Pete!

    As a lifelong Jersey boy and resident I am so hopeful and prayerful that the state will, once again, prove its committment to fairness for all.

    We have a proud history of battling those who would spread bias, bigotry and ignorance.

    I am so glad to have come home to be a witness to what I hope will be another demostration of our state's dedication to fairness for all.

    There is no gray area in equality. I pray that New Jersey stands fearless and does the, courageous, right thing.

    I'd love to see that in my lifetime. Labor Day's cool with me, though! :-).


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