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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gay Nuptials in Nepal Stuns the Media
UK Gay News

KATHMANDU– In a colourful ceremony, two gay(s) were married today, watched by the media, community activists and a few family members.

It was the first public “same-sex marriage” in Nepal and challenges the culture, tradition, family values and constitution of the country.

With the Nepali popular music, beautiful metis (effeminate cross-dressing males), young gay men, cheerful women and children, Diya as a bride and Anil as a groom exchanged rings, were garlanded to each other and kissed in front of a curious – and stunned – media.
Cheerful and courageous Diya Kashyap (21) and Anil Mahaju (31) hope Nepalese society will accept their relationship and love – and the country’s new constitution will recognize their union...


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