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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Charles Barkley Supports Gay Marriage?
"Thank you (I think)"
Special to the blog by MW Savant, CEO,

In a feature on AOL this morning it was revealed that Charles Barkley, a candidate for Governor of Alabama, supports gay marriage. How interesting. The former NBA star had this comment to make about same-sex marriage:
"I think if they want to get married, God bless them," Barkley said. "Gay marriage is probably 1 percent of the population, so it's not like it's going to be an epidemic. Hey, trust me, I'm never going to kiss you and say, 'Chris, you're sexy."'
I asked myself many questions: Is this comment a good natured, sincere indication of true support for GLBTI marriage equality or did it somehow become something far less with the use of the word "epidemic"? Did it lose some value when he seemed to assert his irrevocable heterosexuality with the "trust me" line? Am I just too sensitive to his words? Were his words merely those of an individual with questionable media savvy and self expression skills? Hmmmmm.

I was further stunned by this comment:

"Religious people in general are so discriminatory against other people, and that really disturbs me," he said. "My idea of religion is we all love and respect. We all sin, but we still have common decency and respect for other people. So right now I'm struggling with my idea of what religion is."
I am heartened, naturally, by those who will stand up and state clearly that they are opposed to the oppression of GLBTI people in America. I am equally so when people stand up and take a stand on the supression of GLBTI people's rights.

In this case, however, I am still perplexed as to whether the erstwhile champion and NBA legend is a friend or not. Was his comment about not kissing the interviewer...well...what WAS it? Compared to his, seemingly, "equalist's" position on religious discrimination, what am I to take his position to be?

My gut reaction was that of a bit of a "Punch-Hug", actually. I felt a slight tinge of homophobic zinger in his apparently supportive comment about gay marriage. It would be very interesting to see how his "people" manage to spin this, particularly as a potential political run approaches.

I feel a bit like I should say to Mr. Barkley: "Thank you (I think).

You can read his comments and the story at AOL Sports (via AP) and decide for yourselves.


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