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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

At Home in Two Worlds
By Dirk Johnson and Adam Piore
Photo: Sage Sohier for Newsweek

'Among straight moms, I still feel like an outsider,' says Craig Peterson (right) with Darrel Martin and daughter Mayacarol Martin-Peterson

These kids live with gay parents in a straight society. Now they're beginning to find their voices—and each other

Oct. 18 issue - The other kids in grade school talked about family life. Camping trips with Dad, hanging out with Mom at the mall. Kyle Michaels kept quiet. Nobody would understand. Not in her Texas suburb of Cedar Park. You talked about cool clothes, hip bands and cute boys. You cheered for the football team on Friday nights and you went to church on Sunday. "If you go around our neighborhood," she says, "everybody has a sign that says, 'We support God and our troops." If you didn't hew to traditional values, it seemed to her, you kept quiet...continue reading at Newsweek?


  • At 15/8/06 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great story! The kids seem to GET it! "What's the big deal people?" I LOVE the article. Great insight into how kids are affected by growing up in families headed by gay parents.


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