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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Actor Tomlin slams same-sex opposition
By Jonathon Moran

ACTOR Lily Tomlin has criticised the United States and Australian governments over their opposition to same-sex marriage, saying everyone should have the right to wed.

The openly-gay Hollywood veteran, 66, has been with her female partner, Jane Wagner, a writer and producer, for 35 years.

While she and Wagner have no plans to marry, Tomlin feels all people should have the choice.

US President George W Bush and Australian Prime Minister John Howard have both spoken out against same-sex marriage, and the Federal Government recently quashed ACT legislation allowing homosexuals to create civil unions.

"I am happy for anybody who wants to get married and I think they should have every right to," Tomlin said today. "It is an aggressively negative rejection," she said of the governments' responses to the issue.

"You have had an amendment here against same sex marriage. We have, too, in many of the states (in the United States) and I expect it will get more." continue at The Australian?


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