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Thursday, May 11, 2006

What You Can Do to Support Gay Marriage?

"We need your voice on gay and lesbian marriage!
The Senate is scheduled to vote on the FMA on Monday, June 5th. In these weeks leading up to the vote, the Task Force is mobilizing grassroots opposition to the right-wing's attempt to enshrine discrimination in the U.S. Constitution.

Why You Should Care About the FMA

At the Task Force, we're sick and tired of being used as a political punching bag by the right-wing. Aren't you? If this amendment passes:

  • Discrimination against same-sex couples will be enshrined for generations
  • We will lose the potential for civil unions, domestic partnerships, even partner insurance benefits
  • The right-wing extremists will learn they can get away with demonizing us – and they’ll find new ways to hold us back

Stand up for yourself, your friends and your family. Don’t let them kick us around anymore. Take action and make a difference today."
Note: While this is not a political action blog per se, we just thought we'd share this information as a public service to the community. is continuing their campaign to defeat the measure scheduled for June 5th, 2006. You can sign the petition here.


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