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Monday, March 27, 2006


The sentence has been passed in South Africa for the murderers of a four year old boy killed on June 12, 2003 for not calling his mother's lesbian partner "daddy".

The women (Hanelie Botha (r), 30, and her partner Engeline de Nysschen, 32), "have been charged with murder, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, child molestation and negligence in the death of Hanelie's 4-year-old boy, Jandre Botha."

Photos: The Mercury
Story:© 2006 Independent Online
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  • At 27/3/06 1:53 PM, Anonymous 2womyn said…

    OMG! I didin't know about this but I am so glad that they are guilty. They should be punished for what they did to that kid. And what a stupit reason too.

    I hope they throw hte book at them both.

  • At 27/3/06 1:57 PM, Anonymous Heather-n-Lace said…

    you know!? This is one of the reasons that the world hates gay people. They think were all like this. I am pissed to be represented in this way. These chicks should fry.


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